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HRC55 Solid Carbide Twist Drills (3D)

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1. Micro Particle Tungsten Carbide
2. The Knife Part Is Covered With Bronze Color Coating
3. Anti-Seismic Design For Smooth Chip Removal
4. Universal Chamfering Round Handle Design
5. Large Chip Removal Helical Blade Design


Product MaterialTungsten Steel
Product Name3D External Cooling Drill Bit
Product Angle140 Degrees
Product PackagingSingle Plastic Box Packaging
Diameter Tolerance0.000~0.050
Cooling MethodInternal Cooling Or External Cooling
Custom Size RequestAccepted
Moq5 Pieces
Delivery Time7 Days


Product Features
1. Micro Particle Tungsten Carbide
The Micro-Grain Tungsten Steel Base Material Has Higher Strength And Belongs To The High-Speed Cutting Application Drill.

2. The Knife Part Is Covered With Bronze Color Coating
It Can Improve The Hardness And Service Life Of The Tool, Increase The Surface Finish, And Save The Manufacturing Time.

3. Anti-Seismic Design For Smooth Chip Removal
It Can Suppress Chatter During Processing, Reduce Product Burrs During Processing, And Improve Processing Efficiency.

4. Universal Chamfering Round Handle Design
It Has Good Compatibility, Enhances The Vibration Resistance And Cutting Speed Of The Drill, And Is Tightly Clamped And Not Easy To Slip.

5. Large Chip Removal Helical Blade Design
Large-Capacity Chip Removal Is Smooth, Not Easy To Stick To The Knife, And Reduces Heat Generation. The Cutting Edge Is Sharp And Durable.

Features Of Tungsten Steel Round Rod
1. Use High-Quality Ultra-Fine Tungsten Carbide And Imported Cobalt Powder As Raw Materials.
2. It Has High Strength And High Hardness.
3. It Has Excellent Red Hardness, Good Wear Resistance, High Elastic Modulus, High Bending Strength, Good Chemical Stability (Acid Resistance, Alkali Resistance, High Temperature Oxidation), Good Impact Resistance Toughness, Low Expansion Coefficient, Thermal Conductivity, Electrical Conductivity And Iron And Its Alloys Have Similar Characteristics.
4. High-Tech Precision Advanced Equipment: 10Mpa Low-Pressure Sintering Furnace Imported From Germany For Sintering.
5. Unique New Process: Vacuum High Temperature And High Pressure Sintering. The Product Adopts Pressure Sintering In The Final Stage, Which Greatly Reduces Porosity, Improves Compactness, And Greatly Improves The Mechanical Properties Of The Product.




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MSK (Tianjin) Cutting Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It has been growing and has passed Rheinland ISO 9001.

With international advanced manufacturing equipment such as SACCKE high-end five-axis grinding center in Germany, ZOLLER six-axis tool testing center in Germany, and PALMARY machine tools in Taiwan, it is committed to producing high-end, professional, efficient and durable CNC tools.

We are manufacturer of carbide tools.

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A4: Usually we accept T/T.

A5: Yes, OEM and customization are available, we also provide custom label printing service.

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