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High Quality Import M35 Thread Forming Tap For Milling Machine

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1. High blade strength
2. Large core diameter
3. Thread precision
4. Firm square shank


Product NameHigh Quality Import M35 Thread Forming Tap For Milling Machine
MaterialImport M35
MOQ5 pcs
Product Packagingplastic box
TypePipe Taps
Delivery Time15
Mode of operationMechanical
Type of finishNickel Plated
Use equipmentCNC equipment, precision drilling machine
Holder TypeJapanese Standard


1. High blade strength
Adoption of excellent new edge shape, smooth surface is not easy to chipping, enhance the rigidity of the tool, taking into account the rigidity of the tool and chip removal performance makes the tool cutting and row more stable.

2. Large core diameter
Adoption of large core diameter design greatly improves the rigidity and shock resistance of the tool, while taking into account the strength and sharpness of the edge to reduce the chances of knife breakage, more stable machining.

3. Thread precision
High-precision threads, standard pitch, smooth chip removal, efficient milling, higher precision and luster of workpiece.

4. Firm square shank
The shank is designed with a square head for easy loading.
Vibration damping
Firm and reliable, during tapping

Our taps:
Powerful cutting, super wear-resistant!
Our products use high drilling material hardness, good toughness TICN drill-plated coating surface treatment more durable.
Part of the business using ordinary steel production product hardness is not enough, easy to deformation, easy to damage, and easy to cause personal injury to the operator.

Screw tip taps:
Properties: apex PO under the row of cutting, through-hole
Advantages: strong heat dissipation, excellent through-hole effect, high hardness, wear resistance, high efficiency
Uses: cutting continuous curved materials, through-hole processing of the inner wall with axial groove hole
Characteristics: No residual cutting, smooth and easy chip removal.
Product use: used in drilling machines, tapping machines, automatic machine tools, machining centers, etc.

Properties: Screw on chip removal Blind hole
Advantages: High cutting capacity, wide range of applications
Advantages: strong cutting ability, wide range of uses, high hardness, wear resistance, high efficiency
Characteristics: edge tilting angle groove without chip blocking condition resistance to fracture damage strong cutting performance

Name:Spiral Tapping
Product use: for drilling machines, tapping machines, automatic machine tools, machining centers, etc.




Products with quality problems ( products damaged during transportation, counterfeit products, etc. are all considered quality problems and require relevant proof ),

We accept returns or Exchange and bear all costs.

MSK (Tianjin) Cutting Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It has been growing and has passed Rheinland ISO 9001.

With international advanced manufacturing equipment such as SACCKE high-end five-axis grinding center in Germany, ZOLLER six-axis tool testing center in Germany, and PALMARY machine tools in Taiwan, it is committed to producing high-end, professional, efficient and durable CNC tools.

We are manufacturer of carbide tools.

Yes, if you have a forwarder in China, we are happy to send the products to him/her.

A4: Usually we accept T/T.

A5: Yes, OEM and customization are available, we also provide custom label printing service.

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