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DIN233 Factory Metric HSS Round Thread Dies

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The tapping thread is sharp and hard.
The precision alloy steel has strong toughness and is not easy to break the teeth.
The chip removal is fast and wear-resistant.
The service life is long.


Product NameDIN233 Factory Metric HSS Round Thread Dies
MOQ10 pcs
Product Packagingplastic box
TypeCNC Tools
Delivery Time15
Model NumberMSK-TS410
Applicationstainless steel pipe, round bar cast iron, die steel, etc.


1.Smooth chip removal and sharp cutting Upgraded thread flute for smoother chip removal and more profitable cutting
2.High hardness can attack stainless steel Made of high-speed steel as a whole
3.Wide range of uses Equivalent to tool steel plate teeth, high-speed steel plate teeth can also be used for stainless steel pipe, round bar cast iron, die steel, etc.
4.Stamped logo Smooth surface for smoother tapping
5.Die thread display The tapping thread is sharp and hard, the precision alloy steel has strong toughness and is not easy to break the teeth, the chip removal is fast and wear-resistant, and the service life is long.
6.Die locking hole Conical locking hole, the steel matches the position of the die twister, the locking is strong and not loose
7.round die Fine grinding thread tooth shape sharp and complete specifications.

selected high-speed steel / alloy steel, hardened and quenched, suitable for processing a variety of metals

Locking holes:
with a set screw with a wrench, the national standard universal

Various specifications to meet the needs of clear marking for ease of use

Cutting threads:
tapping threads sharp and hard, processing of external threads, threads clear, not easy to break teeth

Operating Precautions
Operation Notes.
Before tapping external threads with plate teeth, bar diameter, gibs, cutting lubricant, etc. should be selected first.
Bar diameter measurement is very important, it can not be greater than the nominal diameter of the required thread, less than the nominal diameter of about 0.05-0.15, diameter is too large, easy to cause cutting difficulties and lead to damage to the plate teeth, the diameter is slightly smaller than the conducive to tapping threads, and to maintain a sufficient thread height!
The end of the bar should be 1 * 45 ° chamfer, but the chamfer can not be too large, too large chamfer is not easy to cut.
Plate teeth cutting taper aligned with the bar, try to keep the two coaxial, plate teeth in a clockwise direction to turn the cut screw, every 1/4 to 1/2 turn reversed, so that cutting from the plum hole outside the cleanup
When tapping threads learn to add the appropriate lubricant, the lubricant should be added to the plate teeth cut. Repeat operations 3,4 until the desired thread length is tapped.

Thread Repair:
In order to repair a rusted or damaged thread, first of all, it is necessary to correctly identify the specifications of the thread to be repaired, with the help of calipers to measure the diameter of the thread, and a dental gauge to measure the pitch, so as to determine the specifications of the thread to be repaired, and in this way to select the same specifications of the taps or plate teeth, and if the repair is done by the method of back-threading, it is required that the thread should not be messed up after the repair.




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